What Does A 4 Stroke Engine Mean?

What Does A 4 Stroke Engine Mean?

Welcome guys… we often hear that this bike is powered with a 4 – stroke CC engine. But do we know exactly what does a 4 – stroke engine is? Immerse yourself in the details and discover more about this thing.

All automobile engines can be divided into 2 categories – Spark Ignition Engine and Compression Ignition Engine. All Spark ignition engines essentially consume gasoline as fuel and compression ignition engines use diesel as fuel. Spark Ignition engines can be divided into 2 categories – 2 and 4 stroke engines.

All modern motorcycles are using 4 – stroke engines as their feeding device. The reason behind that are good mileage and a clean environment. Then, let’s understand what a 4 – stroke engine is –

A 4 Stroke Engine Is Made Of Following Essential Components –

  • A cylinder
  • A piston
  • Two valves (One inlet and another exhaust)
  • Cylinder head
  • A spark plug
  • A carburetor
  • A crank shaft and connection rod
  • A cam shaft to control the sequence of valve operation

There are more systems connected to an engine such as the accessory gear box, the transmission system and the cooling system, etc… Superbikes can have more advanced components, such as turbochargers and fuel injectors.

The piston moves alternately inside the cylinder within its highest possible point and the lowest possible point that is called TDC (Top Dead Centre) and BDC (Bottom Dead Centre). The diameter of the cylinder is called “Bore”. Let’s see how the strokes are useful for the engine to work and produce power for our beloved bike.

Induction Stroke – The piston travels from TDC to BDC and absorbs the air fuel mixture provided by the carburetor. In this movement, the inlet valve remains open and allows the mixture of air and fuel to enter. Then, when the piston reaches BDC, the cylinder is filled with a highly flammable air fuel mixture ready to ignite.

Compression Stroke – The piston now travels from BDC to TDC and compresses the air fuel mixture to make it more powerful and more flammable. Both valves remain closed in this position.

Power Stroke – This is the only blow that produces power and, therefore, is called power stroke. The valves remain closed and, just after completing the compression stroke, the spark plugs spark. The mixture of air and fuel is ignited and the explosion of gases pushes the piston towards BDC.

Exhaust Stroke – Our last blow is the only one responsible for cleaning the engine. The exhaust valve remains open. The piston travels from BDC to TDC and the burned gases are expelled from the engine. The cycle continues and our engine continues to produce energy for our motorcycles.

The connecting rod and the crankshaft transmit the power of the piston to the accessory gearbox. The complete system is working in synchronization so that there are no misalignment that can create discomfort inside the engine.

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